Hair Color

Bypass the cancer linked commercial hair dyes and try our 100% plant based hair colour, completely free of any type of carcinogenic or damaging chemicals. It not only colours your hair without the risk of side effects or damage to hair, but also imp roves the quality of hair giving them a natural healthy shine. Henna and Indigo are also tonics for your hair, helping it grow, detoxify and relax!


A 21 day ritual in every Indian wedding,  ubtan is powerpacked body scrub used by our ancestors to exfoliate and nourish  skin in one go.It safely removes tan, improves complexion while taking care of issues like body odour, boils, etc , leaving you feeling squeaky clean and fresh all day long.

Hair/ Body Oils

100% pure cold pressed oils, free of toxic processing chemicals, extracted safely at cool temperatures to protect the oil from rancidity. These oils are oozing with nourishment making them an excellent choice for skin and hair care 

Premium Herbal Powders

Indulge in some self care ,create and customise your own face masks and hair masks combining our different herbal powders suiting your skin and hair needs.