Pure Natural Indigo Powder


100% pure, dried and powdered Indigo Tinctofiria leaves.

Premium quality, fresh Indigo powder. It imparts deep brown to black shades when used with or after henna. Micronized powder makes it easy to make a paste and apply. Can be used to color hair and beard. Safe to use for all ages. By using this you protect your hair from the effects of harsh chemical dyes.

Benefits: Colours hair naturally, Free of any harmful chemicals, Nourishes hair, Softens hair

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Matru Ayurveda offers products for health and beauty. Our Ayurvedic products tap into natures healing resources for bringing nourishing beauty care and health products.


Step 1: Use henna hair colour on unoiled hair and rinse with water only, without shampooing.

Step 2: Mix the Indigo powder and a pinch of salt with warm water (40 c) to make a henna like paste desired. The longer you leave it the darker the shade. Rinse it off thoroughly with water only. Do not use shampoo for 48 hours as the colour will keep developing. Apply immediately on your hair covering root to tip. Leave it for 1-3 hours depending on the shade.

Weight 100 g