Premium Bhringraj / Keshraj/ False Daisy


Ingredients: 100% pure micronized Eclipta alba powder

The name Bhringraj means  “ ruler of hair “. It is said to help make hair dense, dark and lustrous.

Considered to be the best ayurvedic remedy for hair loss and premature graying, it shines and beautifies hair while helping to rid numerous hair ailments.


. supports healthy hair growth. Promotes  natural hair color and luster.  Effective  against hair loss, balding, cures alopecia.

. Great at reducing problematic dandruff

. Reliever of scalp infections – Bhringraj powder can be used as a scalp exfoliator and the anti inflammatory properties make it great for soothing inflamed scalps and keeping scalp infections at bay.

. Combine  Bhringraj powder with coconut oil to make conditioning oil which on application gives shine, health and strength to hair.

. Mix Bhringraj   powder with amla powder. Make a paste and apply on hair. Wash after some time.

. Make a paste of Bhringraj powder with water. Gently massage on scalp with finger tips. Ait for 30 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. It stimulates hair growth and is said to cure alopecia.

. Use Bhringraj powder as a paste in combination with amla, brahmi, shikakai, tulsi and/ or neem to see wonderful growth and hair conditioning benefits.

. Mix henna and Bhringraj in equal parts with water/ curd/ honey/ aloe vera gel. This pack helps to cover and prevent premature hair graying.

Weight 100 g