Premium Multani Mitti Powder


Ingredients: Micronized Multani Mitti / Fullers Earth Powder.

Product description: Multani Mitti is a naturally occurring sedimentary clay rich in minerals like Aluminium, Silica, Iron Oxide etc.with a strong ability to absorb impurities.


For Skin:

  • Deep cleanses the skin,  removing dirt, sweat and impurities
  • Fights acne and pimples by removing excess sebum and oil
  • Treats tanning and pigmentation
  • Brightens complexion and evens out skin tone

For Hair:

  • A Good cleanser and used as an alternative to commercial shampoos
  • Acts as a conditioner adding gloss and shine
  • Helps fight bad odour
  • Treats issues like dandruff and eczema

Usage: To make masks that both rejuvenate and tone the skin, mix it with ingredients like aloe vera gel, yoghurt, honey etc. Add it to your regular scrubs for added benefits. To make excellent hair masks mix with ingredients like yoghurt, aloe vera gel, etc

Weight 100 g