About Us

 Shweta Khandelwal brought Matru Ayurveda into existence from a casual conversation with a friend by the swimming pool, while they were waiting for their daughters.

Admiring Shweta's long, luscious hair, the friend wanted to know what she could do to treat her daughter's excessive hairfall. A lifelong believer of doing things the natural way, Shweta never reached for the attractively-packaged, chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners, and instead had always used her mother's homemade cleansers.

So the 47-year-old gave some of it to her friend, whose daughter immediately saw change in the hairfall. Shweta wanted to do her bit to change the status quo, help people ease off the vicious circle of using chemicals to tackle issues rising out of using chemicals.

Holding a masters in chemistry, she knew exactly how much harm they could cause when they seep into our pores and soak on our scalp. And with her mother's recipes for excellent skincare and haircare in her kitty, she started selling hair cleansers full of potent herbs, ubtan and facial powders, and natural hair dyes, at various flea markets and events across Bengaluru.

With good response, Shweta started regularly sourcing the herbal hair and skin powders from her mother, who lives in Nagpur, where Shweta is from. The past few years whizzed past her, busy in getting people to see how India was becoming a dumping ground for chemical-ridden cosmetic brands, whose popularity was waning in the West.

Shweta's products found a loyal base along the way and finally in January 2015 she set up Matru Ayurveda. Shweta has been a learner all her life. Her interests included an eclectic mix of natural and sustainable pursuits for good living – be it reiki, pranic healing, gardening, or homoepathy and other alternative medicines. Her products harness the potency of Indian herbs to solve many a scalp and skin issue.

Especially popular is her anti-tan bath powder, a safe, natural alternative to the harsh fairness creams in the market. We are happy to have found Shweta, and support her in her journey to bring back the traditional ingredients for hair and skin care. We love her shikakai hair cleanser, which transports us to simpler, healthier times.