With Love from Mother Nature.

Matru Ayurveda's products bring back ayurvedic wisdom and recipes from mothers and grandmothers, beautifully translating them into original & authentic beauty products.

Just the way a mother would care for her child, we at Matru Ayurveda care for your holistic beauty!


Shweta Khandelwal brought Matru Ayurveda into existence from a casual conversation with a friend by the swimming pool, while they were waiting for their daughters.

Admiring Shweta's long, luscious hair, the friend wanted to know what she could do to treat her daughter's excessive hairfall.

As a lifelong believer of doing things the natural way, Shweta never reached for the attractively-packaged, chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners, and instead had always used her mother's homemade cleansers.

So the 47-year-old gave some of it to her friend, whose daughter immediately saw change in the hairfall.

Our products found a loyal base along the way. And now after all these years we have Surved 10,000+ Happy Customers through our listings on Amazon & Flipkart.

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What our customers say


Must try!

Firstly , I was very hesitant to use Matru Ayurveda Hair dye but when my friend highly recommended it ,

I ordered it on Amazon. After using the combination of Henna and Indigo , I am extremely satisfied and elated . My hair seem to be very soft , manageable and lustrous.

Soumya Arbind

Amazed by the Product.

Got to know matru ayurveda while I was searching for Indigo powder. After reading the reviews, gave it a try.
I must say it's worth buying!!

Shwetha guided me thru the procedure and answered all my queries with a lot of patience.
I have already recommended this product to all my family members.

Completely satisfied!! Thank you shwetha!!


Excellent product.

I started using it since the start of covid as my mother who is 85 years old and uses natural herbs for curing herself told me to use Kasturi Manjal for bathing since it is a natural disinfectant.

As far as I know it's an authentic product and excellent quality.

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